Craftsman 450 piece mechanic’s tool set

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Craftsman is one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical toolsets. They have a wide variety of tools covering various price ranges depending on the size of the set, i.e., the number of pieces included. Craftsman has tool sets with 165, 220, 260, 270 etc. pieces. This 450 piece tool set is one of the most elaborate ones that can avail at such affordable pricing. Whether you are a professional mechanic looking for an all-in-one toolset, or you are just an amateur looking for some tools for do-it-yourself projects at home, this tool set is bound to satisfy all your needs.

Product features:

The material base of these tools is alloyed steel that is subjected to Craftsman’s superior manufacturing and refining process to ensure, the precision of dimension, quality of material and durability.The set of tools is inclusive of 191 sockets of Three drive size (6 points, 8 points and 12 points);

Three quick release ratchets of each drive size (1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and ½ inch); Universal joints; Six extension bars; 175 screwdriver bits; a magnetic handle; 12 nut drivers; 16 combination wrenches; 6 adaptors and also 40 hex keys.

1. The Craftsman 450 piece tool set comes with unit measurements in both inch and metric scales.

2. The carrying case of the toolset has a protective and compact exterior that facilitates easy transport.

3. The full toolset weighs about 42.2 pounds and comes in a dimension of 18 x 12.9 x 11.8 inches.


  • This professional mechanic’s tool set has every possible tool that you can think. From repair works to installation processes, this tool set will do the job.
  • The inside of the protective carrying case of the toolset has separate sections and compartments for each type of specific tool. This method of storing tools offers a very high degree of organisation and enables you to locate the tools without much hassle easily.
  • This mechanic’s tool set has at least a 100 tools extra than other tool sets of similar price range and quality.
  • Every single piece crafts to perfection and you can hope to find the solution to any mechanical problem inside this toolset.


  • The toolset organisation pattern is not very effective during rough transport. The carrying case holds all the tools separately if you lug and throw around the case during moving, as done while shipping, the tools may fall from their position. So if you are ordering this tool set online, do not be surprised if all the tools have come out of their perfect places due to rough shipping. Though this is not always true, many customers have faced similar issues on receiving the package. But will not happen all time from trusted website so no problem.

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